I was born in 1966 and spend the fist 17 years of my life on a cozy place in the middle of switzerland.

1981 i started playing drums and became a part of the first Reggae band. The Living Roots.

Between 1985 and 1990 i visited Jamaica to catch up the true experience in Reggae music and Rastafari culture. I traveled and stood in places like Kingston, Port Antonio, Montego Bay, Negril, Savanna la Mar, Mandeville, Black River and many more.

1992 until 1997 I drummed in Reggae Bands named; File 7, The Raggamuffins, The Reggaenerator and also the Afro Band Chonia.

1999 I changed to the more electronic side of dub music. I started playing with the Akai MPC 2000XL Sampler as Live Dub Artist by the name B. Ranking and also as Chrisdub.

2005 I realized the Echo Skill Hifi. I build it up to a Dub duo with Flo Kaufmann. We released two 7 inch records and performed live in different locations and clubs.

2008 i finally started with the Chris Dubflow live Dub project. The first years i was very influenced by Deep Dub techno.

2009 i realized my first record "Essence" on 12 inch Vinyl. I start to play Live Dub at clubs and festivals.

2010 i relased the free download EP Aerostatic on the german Label Insectorama. I play live in Berlin, Hamburg and the Fusion Festival.

2011 I release the first Cd call Echostream. I got very good critic on the Dubblog by Rene Wynand. Even in the Riddim Magazin. I reached to be the Dub Album of the Month.
At the end of the year i was number three of the ten very best dubalbums of 2011.

2012 I recorded with the legendary Paul St. Hilaire (Tikiman) from Riddim & Sound a 2 Version Tune. Rub a dub construct. We released them on following CD Album Delay Construct and also on 10 inch Vinyl on Everest Records in 2015 and 2016. I was playing live in Hamburg, Berlin, the Fusion Festival and many more.

2013 I pushed up the live Dub projekt to "Chris Dubflow & the Band of Dub" (featuring Bigga Baloo Vocals, and Josephine Nagorsnik tromphone). The Mc at the front and a female trombone player gave some more live attraction. We released the 10 inch Vinyl "Untersee Boot" and 2 professional Videos.

2014 Touring with "Chris Dubflow & the Band of Dub" in Clubs and on some festivals. Highligts: We playing together wit "Zion Train" at Dachstock Reitschule Bern and a the "One Love Festival" in London UK!

2015 I released the CD Album Delay construct feat. Paul St Hilaire (Tikiman) on Everest Records. I do start playing solo again. Also i realized a 10 inch Vinyl with Paul St. Hilaire (Tikiman).

2016 I went closer to UK Stepper and Deep Roots Style! I also started to do voicening and playing Melodica. I built up the live Dub performance tour "the rougher slice". This started with a big show in Coupole Bienne together with "Panda Dub". I toured through Hamburg and some festivals in Switzerland and Germany...
I played again In London UK a the One Love Festival where i have shared the mainstage with Lee Perry and Macka B.

Now 2017 i large up the Project to my personal favour . Do playing live Dub with a strong hornsection! To me Horns bring Dub into the highest region. Thats why i have to call it "Chris Dubflow & the Horns of Zion". We recorded 2 live videos and a 5 Track EP i call "Run things".

Now it`s time to give you a flawour of that high ranking live Dub. So: clear the stage for "Chris Dubflow & the Horns of Zion".

We run things, things no run we.