He started in the middle 80 ies as drummer. Played in many Reggae Bands like, The Raggamuffins, File 7, The Reggaenerators etc.

He visited Jamaica 6 times and catched a lot of expieriences in Reggae and Dub Culture.

In the late 90 ies he began to produce with MPC Samplers. He formed the Dub Duo "Echo Skill Hifi". Playing live shows and released a 7 inch Vinyl on Wowsville International Dub.

2009 started as Chris Dubflow
He was influenced by riddim & sound and the deep dub scene on this time. So the result must be a collaboration tune with Tikiman from Riddim & Sound. "Rub a Dub Construct" ist the name oft he tune and was released on Everset Records.

He did a collaboration with Mc Bigga Baloo and the she tromphone player Josephine. Together they Supported for Zion Train and reached the legendary One Love Festival in London UK. A proffesional Video "Unterseeboot" and the 10 inch Vinyl released on Everest Records.

Chris Dubflow get focused on Stepper Dub. Composing stepper tunes, while playing melodica and set up some vocalphrases on. He set up the foundation for the new...

2018 "Chris Dubflow & Horns of Zion"
With 3 Horn Players he brought the Live Dub gigs up to a next level. He call them the Horns of Zion. They recorded the EP "Run things". Four powerfull Stepper Dubs with fresh authentic energy! Mastered by Jesse King Dubmatix.

2019 New Label RAD FYAH
Two releases coming out on the new Label. "A dub A Day" on the Label Atrist Album Catch the fire. And the new 7 inch Vinyl Single "Positive" and "Positive Dub". A powerfull one drop soundsystem tune!!!

Make way for the "Positive"...